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Direct access to the latest AI research allows us to identify and implement state-of-the-art AI business solutions – unlocking the value AI holds for your company.


L7 Compass

Custom-tailored consulting support:
You want to understand how AI and specific use-cases can help your company win in the future?

L7 Toolbox

Customized AI solutions:
You want to test, build and deploy AI solutions?


L7 Education

Enable your organization:
You want your employees to better understand AI and develop own AI solutions in the future?

We help you identify your specific AI use cases and offer tailored project support along the journey.

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L7 Compass: Learn about the AI Spectrum

Dedicated workshop detailing potential AI opportunities for your company.

L7 Compass: Identify and prioritize use-cases

Developing, evaluating and prioritizing use-cases where and how AI can help you win in the future.

L7 Toolbox: Demonstrate technical and commercial feasibility

Collecting and preparing the data necessary to build, train and test an initial model with regards to technical feasibility and business impact.

L7 Toolbox: Prepare and implement AI use cases

Building and implementing actual AI solutions generating business impact.

L7 Education: Enable your organization

Conducting dedicated training courses to enable your employees to drive your AI agenda in the future
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