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L7 Toolbox

We build and deploy customized business solutions based on the latest AI research. Our solutions include data preparation, conducting proof-of-concept analyses and developing deployment-ready AI models, which can be integrated into your existing business solutions. We work closely together with your development team to ensure seamless integration into your infrastructure and to engage into continuous knowledge transfer.


L7 Toolbox — PREPARE & PROVE

We build a first proof-of-concept model to demonstrate technical and commercial feasibility for the identified use-case. Our experts give guidance on collecting and preparing the necessary data, build and train an initial model and test its performance on real data.

L7 Toolbox — DEPLOY & SCALE

In case you have already decided on a specific AI use-case, we help you turn a proof-of-concept into a deployment-ready solution. As a default option we offer a dockerized REST-API to the model delivered as a service or on premise, which allows seamless integration into your systems.